Know about bamboo

Posted by Udit Prakash Singh on

Bamboo is a large woody grass that belongs to the family of Poaceae. This is a very diverse plant widely found in tropical, sub-tropical & mild temperature zones of the world. There are more than 1100 species of bamboo in the world. Bamboo is a versatile non-wood forest product & also known as the poor man's timber.

Being it a versatile multi-[urpose plant it plays an important role in the economy of the world. One most important factor of Bamboo which separates it from the other is it has an abnormal state of flame reliability due to its high substance of silicate acid.

As said Bamboo is a widely used material that consists of construction, furniture production, paper making, textile, Pharmaceutical & Household items.

But the most important factor of Bamboo is that it plays an important role in the environment. It helps to protect against UV rays. Bamboo plants can reduce up to 35% Co2 in the climate and deliver more oxygen and it helps to reduce pollution levels. It can be harvested without destroying the natural forest.

From the ancient knowledge, today's pharmaceutical companies preparing medicines from bamboo to control diabetes and to keep the cholesterol level within normal limits.

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